About Us

Interactive Souvenirs is the new generation of Postcards, as they introduce a new and unique feature: They operate as digital links to amazing Destination videos.

Your smart-phone and an Interactive Souvenir are the only tools you need to unveil, discover and share unique videos about the destination the Postcard theme comes from. All Mediterranean Destinations and Points of Interest soon will be one Interactive Souvenir away...!

We combine visual content, infrastructure, skills, know-how, experience and creativity,
in order to offer powerful combinations of printed and digital communication tools


We have aerial video for all Mediterranean costal destinations, but we can create any other tailor made video.


We have 800.000 aerial photos for all Mediterranean costal destinations, but we can take specialized aerial or typical photos on order.


We can create Qri-Cards (Interactive Postcards) for any Destination, any Hotel or any other Business entity.

QRi-CARDS available

Based on our huge visual content data base we can deliver our exclusive and unique Interactive Souvenirs within 2 weeks, for any Mediterranean coastline Destination or area.